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Est. 1996

Think Black Sea region... think AMC!

About Us

AMC is a multinational company involved in trading and investments in Ukraine and CIS Countries since 1996. During these years, we have been constantly exploring and developing new products and services while expanding global reach. Our thorough understanding of the ground realities of the region enables us to offer you secure, sustainable and long term solutions. Furthermore, our head-office in Dubai takes advantage of UAE's assemblage location connecting three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. Since 2014 AMC has intensified its expansion into African food and agricultural industries. At AMC we enjoy working with different cultures and provide our partners with a seamless global value chain.

Our Services

  • Sourcing raw materials and agricultural products for industries around the world;
  • Marketing products of CIS region to global markets (50 countries);
  • Introducing and marketing of your products in Ukraine and Russia;
  • Consulting international companies on "Doing Business in CIS region";
  • Supplying food processing solutions in cooperation with SSP Pvt. limited.

Our Business Units

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Your local partner in Ukraine

The Project People

Our Social Project

We believe in

  • Consistently deliver beyond expectations;
  • Creating a warm and welcoming corporate culture;
  • Growing though constant innovationadaptation to the external changes;

Our Global Reach

Global Reach

Our Products

Always striving for innovation and efficient solutions.

Agricultural Products

Chemicals & Raw Materials

Food Processing

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Our strengths

AMC - Your right partner in Ukraine and CIS


Experience of “Doing business in Ukraine and CIS” since 1996.


Vast geographical coverage thanks to modernly equipped offices in Kyiv and Dubai.


Excellent contacts with Government authorities and Ministries.


Local warehouse facilities in Ukraine and UAE.


Client oriented approach with flexible financial instruments.


Multilingual qualified staff with vast experience in trading with over 50 countries.

We strongly believe in relationship building

Agro Partners

Chemical Partners

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Contact Us

Our company always seeks to build new investment and trading relationships across boundaries.

United Arab Emirates

P.O. Box: 122565 - SAIF Zone
Phone: +971 6 5587981, +971 42559368


Address: 64/68 Turgenevska vul., Office 13 Kyiv, 04050
Phone: +380 44 359 04 34

SSP Division


Industrial & Agricultural Sectors

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